Repost: Old Fashion Love

Updated on Nov 23, 2009
moms coat - Marks and Spencer shirt - Pierre Cardin tie - i dunno top - Folded a
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ManilaKid 's Thoughts:

P.S. This is a repost of Old Fashion Love. I think it needs a better description. :))

Excuse me. Gimme one second, I need to breathe.


Ok. Now, let’s get in business. :D

For the past weeks, I’ve been running back and forth in all corners of Manila just to attend all these commitments like debuts, birthdays, reunions and all the other things that keep Manila preoccupied. As of the moment, iv’e been to 3 debuts, 20 mall trips (and counting), 4 birthday family parties, 2 overnights and a hell of school work is raining down on me. Whew.

This was taken on the second debut I attended. There’s a funny story to that. :))

I wasn’t drunk or anything. But me and my friend Joma left Fiama, we decided to walk towards Greenbelt. And, maybe because we were still high from the party, we sashayed down the middle of Paseo De Roxas and Ayala Avenue; taking photos of ourselves and attracting looks from innocent people passing by.

At Greenbelt, nobody was near the Prada windows so we took our shots there. Until the guard came and we went paranoid then ran away. :))

I feel I owe my friend a shot here since he took all my photos. :)) Thanks Joma! That’s him in the 3rd photo. :>

And, I’ve been tagged by hypercoolmike and Yekky! THANKS HA! :)) Golly, stress reliever for the day. :D

So, here goes nothing!

1. I have never ever drank anything alcoholic in nature in my whole 18 years of existence on planet Earth. AS IN NEVER. :)) I’m scared to get drunk. :>

2. I would like to meet Pinoy Chictopians! Some of them were personal friends even before I knew Chictopia existed. But I want to meet more! Like Yekky, fashiondisaster, Sheiqs, hypercoolmike, deathbyplatforms, jeroy, inKARLcerating and so much more! Maybe next season’s fashion week? Game! :))

3. I’m really talkative. Even if I don’t blog often, I tend to explain so much when little has to be said. I like giving details. :D

4. For some weird reason, I eat a lot and gain little. None, even. Metabolism thingy. And I’m thankful for that. But I really admire people bigger than me in sizes who pull of the most stylish of outfits. :D

5. I HAVE TO LOSE SOME CLOTHES. In an odd twist of fate, tripleesepressoshots is my brother and we usually acquire clothes too many too often. And our closet’s bursting. Help! :))

6. I have a slight obsession with jackets. Right now, I think I have around 30 jackets. Mostly from abroad. But crap, my mom wants to throw them out since I have so many. Whoa. :>

7. I’m real bad at remembering. But I’m so good at keeping secrets. Especially if they’re juicy. :))

8. This is one too much but I think everyone would agree that Chictopia made everyone a better dresser. Or feel good about expressing themselves in the what they wear. Agree? :))

And now, I have to tag 7 people. :)

1. rhailaborte, my savvy fashion friend
2. rhyanoutrageous, shopping buddy and fashion colleague
3. tripleespressoshots, coz he’s my brother. :))
4. aceduchua, coz I think she has potential. :D
5. l0vefool, October people rock!
6. garagegirl, I love the way she dresses!
7. plparayno, man, he’s fierce! :D

I’d love to tag more. But then, it’s only seven. :D

Later peeps!

Comments (12)

JJulia on February 19
love the jacket. so hot :P
Donata on December 08
this is way awesome!!!
ManilaKid on December 08
Thanks so much! :D
Himynameswill on December 07
This is the perfect suit.. I want it xD
ManilaKid on December 07
Thanks thanks dear! :D
rhailaborte on December 01
this is love jonard! :) your cool, yah let's plan a meet and greet filipino chictopians. Oha! Baboosh! Oh btw, thnks for the tag!
ManilaKid on December 02
Yes yes! :)) Finally. It's gonna be a big Filipino chitopian family. :))
garagegirl on November 25
aww thanks for choosing me as one of the 7 ppl!!! it means so much to me:D I LOVE the way you dress too!!!
ManilaKid on November 26
:)) Sure, no prob. :D That's why we are in Chictopia, right? :))
annemarie on November 25
Love this outfit, chic! Love the photos too.
ManilaKid on November 26
Thanks thanks annemarie! :D
tripleespressoshots on November 24
love ur #8! people were able to showcase their individualism through this site:D
ManilaKid on November 24
Yes. true! :D
patootsy on November 24
love the photos and the blogXD
ManilaKid on November 24
Thanks! :D See you around! :>
YekkY on November 23
Agree! I'd love to meet you guys...hehhe I so love the first...well, if you can, Don't Drink...or you'll get hooked!! Haha ^^, and thumbs up on your extra... excellent dresser! :*
ManilaKid on November 23
Yay! :)) nah, i won't drink. thanks! :>
plparayno on November 23
sooo chic!!!! x
ManilaKid on November 23
Thanks! Hey! I tagged you. :D
rhyanoutrageous on November 23
likes the photos! :D
ManilaKid on November 23
Thanks! :D
aivanmagno on November 23
2. Sure. If you'll gimme tickets of Fashion Shows =)) Hahaha Funny story! Cool photos!
ManilaKid on November 23
:)) Hopefully! I mean, I saw you during the Chris Diaz and Michelle Lim. :> I bet we could all get tickets. :)) Maybe look for a sponsor? \:D/ Fingers crossed! :)
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