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Updated on Jul 22, 2012
doctor dooney & burke bag - flatforms Matiko shoes - maxi modcloth dress
Flatforms-matiko-shoes-maxi-modcloth-dress-doctor-dooney-burke-bag Maxi-modcloth-dress-flatforms-matiko-shoes-doctor-dooney-burke-bag Maxi-modcloth-dress-flatforms-matiko-shoes-doctor-dooney-burke-bag
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I know I put all of my outfits “occasions” as wine tasting, but this outfit I did actually wear wine tasting.

Do you have those things in your life that you don’t use, but for some reason won’t get rid of? I have far too many things in my life that I don’t use, and won’t get rid of. I’ve been going through a closet purge recently, and just decided that — instead of compiling the usual A) buffalo exchange bag (i.e. possibly still cool) or B) goodwill bag (definitely not cool), I’ll have a third pile of the clothes that I’ve worn once — or never — but am still hanging on to for one reason or another. There’s something that I’m attracted to about each piece, and there’s also something causing me to hesitate, but I’m both too indecisive and too possessive to pass them off to piles A or B. Thus: plan C.

In a radical attempt to move forward with my life (not to mention clear room for new clothes to fret over) I have now randomly arranged the items in a stack and my goal is that each week I have to find a way to wear what’s on top of the stack by the weekend or off it goes to previously mentioned halfway homes. The first item turned out to be the floor length, clingy, leg-exposing number above. For some reason I thought this dress would be a good idea for a sedate family fourth of July part last year, and reasonably finked out at the last minute. Since then, I’ve kept it in the closet, and even packed it on a couple vacations, but never had the guts to wear it. So here goes. My dear friend from the OC (don’t call it that) was visiting for the past week and I decided to break out the dress for our wine tasting day in Sonoma. (This also gave me an excuse to wear the above platforms I just bought on sale — final sale — in a lust induced moment, before of course realizing that there’s no practical way to fit them into an SF wardrobe.)

And I think it worked. I felt completely comfortable, despite the clinginess and sluttiness (… wine probably helped with that). Hopefully I’ve broken whatever curse was over this dress and can now find ways to wear it in the city. Or at least somewhere where someone will serve me some vino.

see more at www.threadandbones.com. Thank you so much for all the comments and votes! It means a huge deal to me =)

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amorphous_face on November 01
I don't understand the concept of buying clothes that you never wear. I guess I buy an outfit and wear it to the very next day. That dress isn't slutty and if you have the figure for it you might as well show it off.
amorphous_face on November 01
HOw wonderful. why do you say you cna't fit those platforms into your SF wardrobe? is it because you have to walk everywhere and those are not comfortable for walking? Or when you say wardrobe do you mean the actually closet. they don't fit in your small closet?
Crisss on August 14
kbousq on July 29
I do love this outfit. Simply stunning! http://www.stylishinsequins.com
anonymours on July 23
allymazing on July 23
love the look <3
aydreams on July 22
deathbyplatforms on July 22
jehanprouvaire on July 22
amazing picture and outfit!! great bag and chic maxi dress! following you!!
Outfitlookbook on July 22
Love it.
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